Monday, December 9, 2013

Menu Plan Monday: December

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Leftovers
Tonight is the only night we're home with no plans between now and Christmas, so after an easy dinner I will be folding and sorting laundy, putting away the extra christmas decor and at 8:30 meeting up with our chinese student Jessie to do some Christmas Baking. 

Tuesday: Salmon, Rice, Roasted Veg & Garlic bread
It's our last lifegroup so we're having a party and a nice dinner together - one of our LG guys, Thomas, caught some Salmon this summer so we're eating that. So excited. 

Wednesday:  Mexican Skillet Pasta
We have a womens ministry meeting, so I needed something easy to make, and this seemed warm and comfortable to eat as well. 

Thursday: Tuna Casserole
This is the first meal I learned to cook when I was a kid. It screams comfort food to me. I haven't made it in years and years. 

Friday: Paul Meal
I'm heading to the Island for my mom's 60th birthday so Paul will be in charge of dinner - probably french toast or chilli. 

Saturday: YOYO (You're On Your Own) 
Both Paul and I are away for the day - I'm still on the island and I think he'll be hunting.

Sunday: Rainbow's Bridal Shower: Party Food
Sunday we will be home mid day, just in time for church. Paul's preaching and I'm hosting - then we're hosting a bridal shower at our house after church - so there will be lots of food!

Reviews from last week:
This was good but not amazing - I ended up adding a jar of cheese sauce and that really helped - everyone also added more once it was on their plates - ketchup for me and hot sauce for the rest of the house. In the future I'd add taco seasoning to the meat to start. 

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs, served with roasted veg & mini Pommes Anna
I made these short ribs...and while I was just ok with them my house LOVED them, so I guess that's a win! I made this meal with rice instead of potatoes since that's what I had on hand. We had the McCarthy's join us spontaneously and it was lovely. 

Wednesday: Mexican Bubble Up
Everyone loved this and I made extra to send to a friend with a small baby - always make sure to cook it long enough, it's not great if there is runny buscuit in the middle. 

Thursday: Chinese Roasted Pork with roasted vegetables & Parmesan Rice.
I ended up doing a simple yoshida pork instead, and kept the roasted vegetables simple with parmesan rice. My nana loved the meal and so did everyone at home. 

Friday: YOYO
Paul and I went out to the VIP theatre in Coquitlam for Hunger Games: Catching Fire and LOVED both the movie and the seating. If you're paying with scene it points, then the movie tickets are the same price as normal tickets! Score!!

Saturday: I made a giant brunch at 11am, then pulled out italian meats, and ukranian suasages, crackers, cheese and pickles....there was more than enough food for our students and our guests. 
This is the day we celebrate Paul - we had 12 friends over for brunch, then the guys went to a beer tasting at 2, while the ladies relaxed at our place, the guys rejoined us just before 4, and they all stayed until about 6 playing games, eating and talking. It was perfection. Our house felt so wonderfully full. Then Paul and I headed out to his work Christmas party, which was also very fun. 

Sunday: Morgan Family Dinner / YOYO
Paul and I gobbled up leftover eggs from the party the day before and headed to Culloden to watch my cousin Jonathan preach - so good! Then we came home and did house stuff before heading out to a Morgan Family Dinner for Paul and Kevin's birthdays. A wonderful, wonderful night. Carol puts together amazing dinners and the time was great. 

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