Friday, February 15, 2013

Of babysitting, outfits and housemates

So a couple weekends ago I mentioned having my nephews over for the weekend. I can’t seem to find a blog about it, though I totally felt like I’d written all about it.

Anyways…it was my sister and her husband Colin’s 6 year wedding anniversary so I had Connor (4) an Austin (2) over for the weekend. Paul ended up having a bunch of work added to his homework list at the last moment so he spent almost the whole weekend holed up in his office doing work. I was basically alone with the boys!

Friday night they arrived just after dinner. It was Martina’s last dinner with us and Duncan’s first dinner. I made Creamy Chicken Taco’s. Then the boys arrived! We played and wrestled for a while and then it was already bed time. They were going to be sleeping in our room with us, so we made up some beds, did the bedtime routine and I took a few minutes to pray with and cuddle each boy before sleep. Then Paul stayed home to do homework and I headed out to my friend Leah’s place with a bunch of lovely ladies to celebrate our friend Sarah, who was back in town for the weekend. It was lovely!

But sadly, when I got home at 11 Austin kept waking up with a cold. So I brought him into my bed with me to help cuddle him to sleep in the midst of the sickness. Paul slept downstairs on the couch so he wouldn’t get sick and I got to share my bed with a sick but super sweet little boy. Between the coughing and the sickness we barely got any sleep, Austin and I. And then both boys were wide awake at 5:30am. Ugh. I brought them both into bed with me and let them just wiggle around while I laid there sooo tired. Finally at 6:30 I decided it was better to just try getting up. So we did that. I went to go find Paul to tell him that he could go to our room to sleep more since we weren’t there anymore, but instead he told me that I should go back to our room to sleep and he’d play with the boys. Hero!

I slept for 2 hours and it was awesome. Paul wrestled with the boys, as pictured above. Then it was time for the rest of the day – we made cookies and went to the pool.

Also Austin and Connor played hide and go seek with Uncle Paul a few times. They don’t really understand the game but they sure look cute peeking out from behind things

Saturday night the boys were tired – between being sick and being worn out at the pool they slept well! I briefly went to a friend’s birthday party (yay Christina!) but was exhausted also from the pool, so I headed home to get some sleep before the AM. They woke up at 7:30 instead of 5:30! I was so happy. I made them breakfast after our morning cuddles and at 8:30 Paul woke up to let me have another nap while he played with the boys. Great teamwork!

Then the boys were pretty chill, so we cuddled on the couch for a while and then I folded laundry while Austin napped on the couch and Connor sat RIGHT next to me playing airplanes. It was sweet.

Fast forward to this week:  we had our first official house dinner on Wednesday with all of our “roommates”. We have Miho from Japan, Chloe from China, Rachel from Kelowna and Duncan from Ottawa. We also had Mac from Kelowna with us, who might end up living with us this summer. She was here visiting Rachel. We ate well!

I made Beer Crockpot Chicken, Ravioli with Spinach and Shrimp and Roasted Vegetables. I didn’t love the beer chicken, though the rest did. And I have to admit, it melted in your mouth, for sure.

As a house we talked over guidelines and chores. We hadn’t done that yet, so it was good to set a system into place and make sure everyone was on the same page. In the end we sat around the table talking and laughing long past being done eating. Then we headed into the kitchen – the rest of the gang cleaned up and loaded the dishwasher and I made lunches. Then people sat around talking in the kitchen. It felt nice, like family.

Thursday was Valentines Day. I had plans that evening with my sister and Jodi, so I knew Paul and I weren’t doing much. But Paul was very sweet and surprised me at work with flowers – they were delivered and it was pretty awesome.

We did have dinner together before I headed out and most of our housemates were out, so we ate together while watching Jeopardy (romantic, eh?). I made Marinara Pasta and Shrimp Tempura Nests. It was all very tasty!

Currently Paul is in his practicum at St. Thomas Aquinas in North Vancouver. That means he passes through downtown each afternoon and evening. If I’m ever driving, rather than cycling, that means he gets a ride with me. That makes me happy. This week that happened again and this time he had an hour to kill on the way home, so he set up a laptop and did homework while I finished work. It sure was nice to have him as a deskmate!

Speaking of Paul’s practicum, while he’s a student teacher he has to dress according to the school’s dress code. Dress shirt and tie (and pants, obviously). He’s been looking mighty fine!

I’ve also been having lots of fun getting dressed but I think you’ll notice from the photos I post here, that I’m kind of in a rut. Not a bad rut, but a rut none-the-less. My outfits are generally a version of the same thing. And I wear my brown boots 3 out of 4 days in life. I still love them.

I meant to mention, once a year I get a Purdy’s ice cream bar. It’s always a BIG treat. Last time I had one was November 2011…somehow November 2012 came around and I’d forgotten to go get one! I had to run an errand at Grand and Toy which is right next to Purdy’s and bam, I remembered. So February 2013 I had my annual ice cream bar; Vanilla Dipped with sprinkles. And oh my was it good.

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