Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mama Blogger

Mama Blogger. These words seem to me a juxtaposition. 

Blogger - someone who writes, who creates, who tells stories, who uses words to create. 
Mama - someone who has and raises children. 

Mama Blogger - I'm not sure how to be both. Really I'm not sure how to find the time for to do both. I keep choosing Mama, which I know is the right choice, but I miss blogging. I miss creating with words. I miss reliving life in the retelling. I miss chronicling the small and insignificant things, I miss telling the stories of my life and what God has done, I miss rereading it all and reliving it. 

This month I start a new job. This month we pack up our house of 4 years and move (and we don't know where). This month was our 6 year wedding anniversary. This month I turned 33. This month I still need to keep my household running, my three homestay students and my husband and baby fed, and my daughter taken care of. This month I am extremely thankful for community and family. 

Tonight I am watching a movie with my husband while Avie sleeps. We had friends over for dinner on the back patio (oh how I will miss that patio when we move) earlier and it was so lovely. Today we had mom's group at a park, after visiting a friend and collecting boxes for the move. Then it was on to a work planning meeting at my house for the afternoon (while Avie napped and then ate goldfish crackers). Days like this are busy and full but they are happy. 

Tomorrow I get to celebrate our birthdays with my sister and two dear friends - we are having a spa day. Second year to do this and it's awesome. Then happy hour at a favorite downtown restaurant, and then we will hang out with some ladies in the evening. I am pumped. It's my idea of happy. 

While I am not looking forward to moving, and it's been exhausting trying to find a house, I am very excited to decorate again. Slightly overwhelmed, but mostly just excited. I love making a space into a home. I love taking things and making them beautiful. 

So I've written here even though I don't know when I'll write again. I've written in a moment of energy and motivation. Who knows when that will come again - for now, I will enjoy it and be glad I had a burst of something to bring me back here. 

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