Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Moving and dreaming

Normally when we are about to move I start dreaming - I have no ability to keep my dreaming in. I'm not sure if it's being busy or working or moving with a baby but I'm struggling to figure out how to imagine the new house with decorations. Usually my mind is swirling with ideas and dreams  but for this new house I can't quite imagine it. I think it's because it's such a nice house and I'm not used to that! Usually it's a make do, situation but this time, it's a real improvement and actually really nice. I'm not used to that! But there are a couple of pins that have caught my eye on Pinterest to do with a few key areas - my new desk and the entryway staircase! 

First up: the desk space! It's right between the Kitchen and Family room, next to the kitchen eating area. 

The Inspirations

Mostly I'm thinking golds, other metallics, pops of color and a fun collage wall above the desk. Now that I'm working I find I'm in desperate need of a desk for work - that's near the kitchen and the family room, so I can be near Avie when she's playing, be near by when I'm cooking and be near Paul when he is hanging out in the evening watching TV. I'm excited to see this come together!

Next up, the entryway! For sure that tree is going!

The Inspirations

These are all so different but I like how they are elegant and pulled together. At least there are a few things I can dream and imagine for! 

We move one week from today - our house is 90% packed. Turns out hiring teenagers from church to pack for us was the most genius idea ever. They worked Saturday for 5 hours and Monday for 4 hours and daaaang they did a lot. Our house just has furniture in it - it's a little sad. They were amazing. We just have the last minute kitchen stuff to do and food that we're still eating. We will be eating through our food supplies - pantry items, freezer, fridge, etc. We have packed a set of clothes to wear for the next week and then put everything else into storage/boxes for the move. All the decorations in Avie's room are gone - most of the furniture is gone too. So weird. I'm not sure she notices :( but I sure do. 

Anyways, here we are. House is barren, our garage is packed full of boxes and we are super tired but productive and happy. This week is our final week in this home, the home where we made friends with our neighbours, where we became a family, where we welcomed so many people into our home, and learned to host in much bigger numbers. We will for sure miss this wonderful space and our amazing neighbourhood. 
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