Sunday, February 14, 2016

Canucks themed baby shower

My friend Sunshine had her baby boy last week - and in December her friends from church and family wanted to try to shower her with love and support coming up to the birth. Sunshine is married to Gabe, and Gabe is a pretty die hard Canucks fan - that's our local hockey (NHL) team. Since they are having a little boy it seemed appropriate to have a Canucks themed shower. It was fun to pull together - lots of greens, blues and whites. We were having a morning shower, so we went with a brunch theme - bagels and yogurt and bacon, etc. I got to throw this party with the best Philipina party planners in the area - Sheila and Maan. They are amazing and I was overjoyed to party plan with them. They made this process extra fabulous.

In the glasses is Sunshine (the lady of the day) and Sheila (one of the party planners extra-ordinaire)

The bib decorating begins in earnest

Can you spot my Avie?

There she is!

And the presents begin!

Avie loves the gifts!

All in all, it was a perfect day. Congrats Gunshine, Reuben is perfect. 

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mackyton said...

This Canucks themed baby shower is so lovely. I loved entire theme. I would love to have these party ideas in my cousin’s baby shower which we are going to host at one of best party venues in Chicago. Thanks for the photos!


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