Monday, February 15, 2016

Life with A

Last time I wrote about my sweet baby girl was 3 months ago. I meant to write regularly and yet, nope. Baby girl is my favourite person (aside from Baby Daddy) and yet it's hard to write. Mostly it's hard to tear my eyes off of Avie and blog. Also had to tear my eyes off of Avie and do anything else. Finish insurance forms, expense reports or anything else. 

My little jailbird

But honestly, I miss writing. I miss talking and perfecting word choices. So I will try again today. Actually my new British friend started blogging and it reminded me how much I loved blogging and so here we go. 

Honestly, in the past while I have been struggling to pull things together. Some things have been fine - I mean, my house is clean (people pay to live here so I have extra incentive to keep on top of it!) and food is made but I don't know how to do the rest; keeping up with every day life. It's exhausting! I fake it most of the time and get the bare minimum done. 

My mom with Avie

Dad with Avie

Lately I'm thinking through life and work - I end my Maternity leave this month and need to decide what to do with my life. Do I pick up part time work at home? Do I put Avie in day care and work full time? What do I care about? I love spending my time at home with her - is that enough for me? It wasn't enough for my Mom - she always worked. She said it was why she could be our Mom. 

Avie, me and Jenna

Our days are full! Mondays are full of errands, Tuesday mornings we have staff meeting, Wednesday we have Women at Prayer, Thursday we walk with my folks and half the Fridays we have Mom's Group. Before the morning things we usually go to the YMCA for Aquafit at 9am (while Avie goes to the child minders) and we usually head out for lunch with friends or home after our morning activities. Always so busy. 

Baby in a basket

Baby in a bath

Baby, an apple and a Dad

Toast baby

Cardboard House baby

Our house is full of students - Xiao (our chinese student), Phebe (our BC student) and Katie (Paul's sister). I love how much they love Avie and help with her, and also, they are fabulous in many other ways. I get to have such deep and enjoyable convo's with them. 

Me, Avie and Xiao

Crazy Avie - this photo makes me laugh, every time.

I meet up with different friends in life - the girls from prenatal class, friends from church, ladies from the block, friends from all over - and love having my days free for that! Going back to work and giving that up, would be hard! 

The girls from pre-natal class

Slide Baby

Sleepy cuddle baby (the best)

We also get to have wonderful times with family - brunches with the great grandparents, dinners with the grandparents, times with the nephews (a weekend trip plus more!) and lots of meet ups with my sister. I'm so thankful for family living near by. This week along already Avie will be spending time with her Auntie Debbie, Cousin Janice, Auntie Jenna and the nephews. Love this. 
Baby entranced by her great Papa

Baby napping between Dad and Papa

Seriously, best moment ever

Great Nana and Avie

Basically, life is full and coming up is a blog post about Valentines Day and Marble Trays. 
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