Thursday, January 14, 2016

The year of the photo #366

I've joined up with a group committed to taking a picture each day for the coming year. Some days this has been easy and other days I almost forget. I'm curious to see if this helps me get my focus back for blogging and if this can improve my photography skills! I'm hoping it can! I hope to buy a used camera soon so I can actually grow my skills, rather than just using my iPhone. 

January 1st - Playing is hard work

January 2nd - Juxtaposition

January 3rd - Let sleeping babies lie

January 4th - A. The look of hope

January 4th - B. Love

January 5th - Sharing is caring

January 6th - You just like me for my car

January 7th - Cookie Butter is proof of good things

January 8th - Costco is not empty

January 9th - Oh Snap, it's a diaper camera

January 10th - Bathtime

January 11th - Precision

January 12th - By any other name

January 13th - Shades of Blue

And there we have it! My first two weeks! Looking forward to 50 more! 
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