Monday, June 29, 2015

Avelynn is 2 months

Written 1pm, June 17th.
Our little Avelynn is 2 months old today (and 8 and a half weeks)! She has grown to 9.14lbs (almost 10 pounds!) and is 23 inches long (that’s 3 inches of grown!). She’s become a great little smiler – it’s so fun to watch. Also we saw her giggling for the first time this week – it was so awesome. She’s also rolled over successfully twice now! Woot. She still breastfeeds like a champ – she eats every three hours like clockwork. She’s also (thankfully) great at taking a bottle. She also sleeps pretty well – she eats at 8pm and then sleeps until 4am, eats again and then sleeps until 8am when I start her day feeds.  She’s a pretty chill baby and has most are people in love with her – which feels pretty nice.

Having a baby now seems a lot less overwhelming and a lot more do-able. I’m finding I’m enjoying the whole thing a lot. Yes, at times it can still be overwhelming and I wish I had more time to blog and stuff but that aside I still do feel like I’m getting the hang of it – dinners made, laundry done, bed made….well sometimes they are.

My body is feeling normal again – basically I feel pretty much the same as before I had a kid, minus the continued breastfeeding. I haven’t found that breastfeeding melts the pounds off the way some people experience….which is disappointing. In the first three months of pregnancy I lost 18 pounds by cutting out wheat and white rice – I gained some back with pregnancy obviously but still came out of below what I’d started as. I think I’ve gained a bit more back but mostly am still below where I was.

Avelynn's "swimsuit" and swim diaper and her sweet outdoor napping tent

Parenthood has been a real learning curve – some tings are crazy steep learning curves and yet other parts are very normal or super enjoyable. Definitely it’s not something one would enter in to lightly and it really makes me understand why God suggests for sex to stay within marriage – it feels like parenting really needs two committed loving partners. I can’t imagine doing this without a supportive “all in” partner who also thinks I’m lovely. These all seem vital to parenting without going crazy. What is also vital is having a cute kid. Like this one.

See? Super cute.

Drinks at Starbucks with mom

Drinks at Starbucks with Dad

All smiles for the car ride

Pensive summer baby

It's fun to play in bed with mom and Dad

Asleep on a hot sunny night in her tent, on her ergo insert

With some of the babies from pre-natal class. As the youngest she had no idea there were even other babies there to play with, all while Elinor kept trying to hold her hand. 

Oh baby, you're a sweetheart.
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