Thursday, May 28, 2015

Avelynn is 1 month

Avelynn is one month old! Well actually at this point she's 6 weeks old (this Friday) but I took these photos when she was one month but ran out of time to write this post #momproblems. The only reason I have free hands now is that Avelynn's Auntie Katie is currently baby whispering away with her. So thankful! 

This girl is growing like a weed! In fact, just like a weed, tall and skinny! She's outgrown 3 onesies and 1 sleeper. She's still definitely in NB (newborn) clothes but has outgrown any Circo brand onesies (since they seem a bit shorter in length which is where most of her growth is). Those grey pants below? They now fit her snugly (two weeks later than this photo). Trying to get her one month photo we took the below photos also - she's adorable. I love the first one - it looks like she's jumping. So sweet. 

Let's see - she's almost 6 weeks and is a bundle of energy. She's awake so much of the time. She also is a great sleeper. She goes to bed most nights at 10pm-ish after her last evening feed and wakes up at 4am to feed, then sleeps until 7:30am or 8am. If she wakes up before 8am then I get her to keep sleeping until 8am when I feed her. I'm hoping a few mornings of this (we're only coming up on the 4th morning of having a morning feed steady at 8am) that 8am will be her natural wake up time. She feeds 10-20 minutes on both sides at each feeding - she's a good little eater. Not necessarily fast, as some babies are, but she works diligently at her eating. Unless she falls asleep, which she also does often while eating. Half of my job is to keep her awake while she eats - though now that she's past a month she does better at not falling asleep while eating. 

Me, Hanne & Avelynn - Hanne was there when Avelynn was born and was so helpful to me!

Sleeping Cutie - asleep in Xiao's arms

A visit with Wyatt and Lindsay

A visit with great Nana & Papa

First bath at home!

Hooded towel!

Proud Papa again! 

Tummy Time - and a bad hair day

She is 8 pounds of lovely and is pretty dang addicting. We love this little bug. Also we like her the most when she sleeps and lets us sleep :)
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