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Menu Plan Monday: 33 weeks and counting

Currently there is a 33 week baby moving inside of my belly. I realize that's normal for being 33 weeks pregnant but wow, what an interesting feeling. There is a little tiny baby bum sticking up at my belly and a little knee that keeps pushing at my sides, and two tiny little fists that pummel my lower belly. Despite some the discomfort that comes with this, it's also miraculous and so so cool. I mean that's a human in there who will become like a real live person and I can get to know her now, before she is even born. That's just crazy cool. 

Last week was a busy one at work - as of this weekend I only have two weeks of work left (8 days!) and I'm thankful to say that I've finally gotten through all my major tasks at work and just have training left to do and tie up a few loose ends. It feels pretty awesome. On top of work we had a super busy long weekend, busy evenings and lots of house stuff to do to get ready for baby.

This week my grandpa passed away. He was two weeks from his 90th birthday and had been sick for a while, so while this was unexpected it wasn't as shocking as it might have been and thankfully he passed away peacefully, in his sleep. The staff at the home he was living in were sad to see him go - they had enjoyed him being in their space. We've spent the last couple days alerting family and planning the funeral; it's certainly a new learning curve. Next week my girlfriends are throwing a baby shower for me after my maternity photo shoot, and then the following day we will have my Grandpa's funeral - the full circle of life. It all makes for a very interesting range of emotions and tasks. It's also a reminder that in death and life, the daily grind continues for us. 

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 

Monday: Deer Roast with rice & veggies
Monday is the start of my second to final week. 7 days left! After work I have plans with a girlfriend, Anacat, for dinner, then we'll be heading out to join the women of our church for a night of prayer and worship. Paul will be cooking dinner for the house - he's already got the deer roast marinating and I'll put the rice & veggies together to be baked by Paul while the roast cooks. 

Tuesday: Taco's & Mexi Rice
Tuesday is Lifegroup so we'll be having easy Mexican food, which is helpful since we'll be planning the funeral Tuesday afternoon. 

Wednesday: Slow Cooker Pesto Spinach Lasagna
Wednesday is our final prenatal class and my regular doctor check in - this easy meal is so helpful on busy work days....especially after a day of training this will be very helpful. I'll whip up a salad for myself while they enjoy the lasagna. 

Thursday: Crockpot Creamy Spaghetti

Thursday is sister night, which will be much appreciated after a busy week and before a super busy weekend. I'll again make up something for myself while the house enjoys this meal.

Friday: YOYO

Friday night we're not sure of our plans and I know I love a chance in the week to not make any plans for meals and leave our house on their own, so that's the plan!

Saturday: Tangy Grilled Chicken with baked potatoes & veggies
Saturday is my baby shower!!!! and my maternity shoot. I'm so excited. Between getting to do the photo shoot with my great friend Laura, and having my best friends work together to throw me a baby shower I'm definitely feeling the love! On top of that my dear friend Crystal and her husband John will be coming for the weekend - I can't wait! I will make up this tasty dinner with baked potatoes and veggies to eat with them. 

Sunday is my grandpa's funeral and I'm in charge of decor, food and drinks with my sister and Paul and Colin helping. I'll leave my house on their own for food, as the weekend will be pretty busy and full and I'm fairly certain I'll be exhausted. 

Two Weeks in Review:
Monday, Feb 2ndPorkloin, vegetables & mixed rice
Porkloin marinated in Yoshida is always a good idea and this was no exception. I took this evening off as a lovely opportunity to rest and sleep and am so thankful that I did. 

Tuesday, Feb 3rd: Chicken Taco Soup
Tuesday was Lifegroup and this easy favorite was a hit. Honestly, this recipe is amazing and doesn't need to be followed to a T. When I don't have time to dice onions I throw in dried onions. When I don't have a pepper, I just omit that. I never have mexi-corn, so I use a can of corn and a can of rotel. It's easy and tasty and very forgiving. 

Wednesday, Feb 4thSlow Cooker Pesto Spinach Lasagna
This meal was a hit as per usual. I had a salad instead of Lasagna, which was also tasty. We also stopped on our way home to buy a crib! Woot.

, Feb 5thSalmon, Vegetables & Potatoes
Thursday we had Yoshida Salmon (so so so good) and brown rice and mixed rice and vegetables - such a good choice. Paul and I had meeting with my uncle at 8pm, and then hung out around the family until after 10. The meeting and the casual time were both wonderful - I'm thankful for such great family members.

, Feb 6thYOYO
Friday I spent the day with my friend Ana and my godson Elliott. We joined up with some wonderful friends for Mom's group and then enjoyed Mexican food and a relaxing afternoon. 

Jenna & I enjoying Elliott time

Then Paul and I had dinner with the Montroy's and their extended household - so fun. Hilary is a fabulous cook and celiac, so I never need to worry if I can eat what she'll serve. This was the first night I experienced crazy swelling in my feet - normally my feet just swell a bit in the third trimester in the evenings but that evening I couldn't get my boots on! I had to take the insoles out to walk home. Weird feeling. 

Saturday, Feb 7thYoshida Chicken, Baked Potatoes & Roasted Vegetables
Saturday we popped over to the states in the morning to grab some groceries as a final big stock up before baby. We'll pop over again in a month for some light add ons (cheese, milk, etc) but won't need to do a big stockup. We had our friends the McCarthys over for dinner and it was so nice to spend hours with them. Lindsay and I got to chat while the boys watched movies (John was bagged from homework and Paul loves an excuse to watch guy movies). We talked for hours and it was such a treat to enjoy this friend.

, Feb 8thYOYO / Jodi's party
Sunday was a busy day! I started it off though with some really powerful bible reading and devotions - it was a really neat time. I'm so thankful for that hour with God. Then Paul and I did a bunch around the house, starting some painting jobs and such. 

The nursery bed/seating space getting sanded and primed & our new mug holder getting painted

Finally around 1:30 I got ready to head out to a baby shower for a friend, then off to church and lastly ending back up at home where a bunch of friends came over to see our friend Jodi who was in town from Alberta. We hung out laughing and talking all night until almost midnight. So fun. 

Monday, Feb 9thYOYO
Monday was a holiday here in BC. I had breakfast and coffee with Jodi and worked around the house for a bit (feels so good to get the house tidy and organized before the work week) before heading over to my sisters for lunch with her family. A great way to spend family day. We headed home for a few more hours of work in the garage (painting, etc) and then had dinner with Hanne & Drian. We are so thankful for those two friends - thank you South Africa for lending them to us. 

Tuesday, Feb 10th: Tomato Basil Soup (from Costco) with Bread
Tuesday I got to have lunch with Hanne (so much quality Hanne time!) during work, and then after an easy soup dinner, we had discipleship group (Hanne was there too! and Ana with Elliott). The group of ladies we meet with are amazing and Lindsay created a wonderful space for us to meet in. 

Wednesday, Feb 11thSlow Cooker Thai Curry Chicken
Wednesday we had our second to last prenatal class and JUST enough time to wolf down this soup - it was a huge hit. I found it spicy but everyone else laughed at that and said it was merely flavorful. Either way, I'll make this again. 

, Feb 12thCreamy Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli Over Rice
Thursday I made this chicken recipe. Easy in the crockpot - and fairly healthy. I used extra broccoli and served it over brown & wild rice. Also nice? I spent the evening with my sister and her boys - such a nice way to end my work week. 

Friday, Feb 13th: YOYO
Friday I slept in (woot) and then spent a few hours with my best friends. I found out in the afternoon that my grandpa had just passed away, so I joined my family. We were together most of the weekend and spent Friday calling relatives and starting to make the many plans to make a funeral come together. My grandpa was going to be 90 in two weeks and had many health complications, he passed away peacefully in his sleep. 

Saturday, Feb 14thYOYO
Saturday we also cancelled all our plans to be with family - we cleaned out his room in the home he was living in and took a long walk with my parents. 

We got some jobs done around the house, which was also helpful, given that next weekend (when we planned to get some work done) we would now be hosting a funeral. We briefly managed to visit our friends Sam & Stef out at their new house for dinner and then headed back into town to be with my Dad again. 

Mug holder mostly done - just touching up the white sections now - the frog tape let me down a bit. Next up is adding hooks to hang the mugs.
Also the bed got it's first couple coats of Bali Bliss and I'm loving it!

, Feb 15thYOYO
Sunday we cancelled our plans again so that we could be with family and finish the jobs we'd planned to do the following week. It was a real silver lining to spend so much time with family, especially working together to honor Grandpa. We also managed to pick up the rest of our Nursery furniture (currently stored in our garage until we have that room free) and ended up finding an amazing deal on a Van. We'd been looking around for a while and stumbled upon my dream van, for the price of one of the older vans I was prepared to settle for. It was a real answer to prayer. As of last night we are now proud van owners - which I guess makes us adults? We ended up with a 2014 Toyota Sienna and couldn't be more excited!

Also some packages arrived for me - a shower gift from Nancy (so cute, I can't wait to open it next weekend at my baby shower!) and my Land of Nod package with baskets for the Nursery. So stoked! It's all getting so real! 

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