Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dressing the Bump Week 31

Well here we are, week 31. Less than 10 weeks to go, that feels pretty crazy. I had my monthly check up yesterday (and after this it goes to every two weeks) and so far everything is on track - I passed my glucose test well, my blood pressure is good, baby is growing perfectly and my weight is doing well (half a pound gain in the past month, I was surprised by that). The doctor answered the many questions that I'd been writing down - prenatal class gave me lots to ask about. All in all a very positive visit. Then we had prenatal class - and while it wasn't the most exciting session, it was very informative and helpful.

Baby is currently in the correct position, head down. Her little bum sticks at the top of my belly all day long and is pretty noticeable. She's constantly poking her little bum up and it's so cute. She kicked Paul in the face again, which made him ecstatic. I'm definitely feeling pretty tired some days and making many restful choices, while still trying to do the things I love in life. My feet are definitely starting to swell - I used to need two pairs of socks in my boots and now only need one. 

Friday morning I was laying in bed trying to pick an outfit for the day. I was reading through one of my favorite blogs, Hi Sugarplum, and I came across her post on some outfits she'd worn recently. She had two outfits that involved stripes, worn jeans and a pink cardigan - while our shades of pink are different and my pregnancy stripes are black based, I really enjoyed pulling this look together. 

And better than just enjoying the outfit? The blogger in question said I looked darling and had great hair. Best day ever. 

I've been still enjoying getting dressed - I'm surprised by how much I really don't like the lose maternity clothing, it makes me feel huge. I prefer the items that hug my belly, I'm proud of my baby! 

1. Target sweater dress with maternity tights and boots. 
2. Old Navy maternity top with Motherhood Maternity black skinny jeans and flats. 
3. The easy favorite again, Emily's Tunic from Motherhood Maternity with grey leggings also from MM.
4. Motherhood Maternity jeans, black boots & TJ Maxx t shirt, non maternity.
5. H&M maternity jeans, Target striped maternity t shirt and Target Cardigan, great for a Friday at home.
6. MM jeans with biker boots, an Old Navy Military Jacket, and a Target cowel neck sweatshirt (so comfortable). This outfit was great for playing in the park with my nephews.

I wore a really cute Old Navy Maternity denim dress on the weekend (and also wore it to work a couple weeks ago) and both times forgot to get a photo with it. I pair it with tights and black wedges and I LOVE it. Makes me feel feminine. 

This weekend I managed to check something off my to do list that I'd been wanting to deal with for a while. We had a place in the kitchen to put chalk and markers and dry erase markers and letters, but it kept falling and wasn't a very sturdy option. It made Paul angry often. So finally when I was in Staples they had a sale on the Martha Steward Command Center line, so I snatched up the pieces for 60% off and bam, command center! It only took us a few minutes to put together (maybe 20?). I'm so pleased with it's functionality. 

I still need to label and till it in, but for now it's already 100 times better than the system that was in place. So pleased. 

This weekend is the long weekend in BC for Family Day. We have plans to work on some furniture and do some painting, as well as organize some stuff in my craft room. We have a quick trip to the states planned, and many times with wonderful people. It should be a good, productive and hopefully restful weekend. See you on the other side!
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