Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Menu Planning: This week

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Yoshida Salmon & Veggies Skewers on the grill, roasted potatoes with corn and greek salad.
We had a big Mitchell family dinner on Sunday and there were leftover baked potatoes and corns on the cob - so I diced up the potatoes and fried them up with sausage and seasoning and cheese, of course. I sliced the corn off the cobs and heated that up and threw the rest of the meal together in minutes. Summer meals, for the win!

Tuesday: Pesto Chicken Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes 
This is a house favorite - normally made with shrimp but we were out so I used cooked turkey breast and chopped farmers sausage - Duncan declared this the best version yet! We even had the exact same Fuesili as the recipe asked for - I love curly noodles. I served it with a side lite Caesar Salad. We had Mila and Benni (friends from church) over for dinner and after the meal (which we ate outside in shorts!!) we headed in for some wedding planning - they are getting married in just over a month so it was planning time with Tara!

Wednesday: Duncan Dinner! 
Wednesday night is date night (tonight!)! While we're out Duncan will make dinner for the household because we're off doing something rad!

We randomly won tickets to Tasting Plates Main Street this week from Devour & Conquer - we're so stoked! We drove in today so we could drive to Olympic Village on our way for a walk and then drive up to the area of Main street where the event is taking place. We're excited to try new things and have a date together!

We'll be hitting up Tapa23, Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Shaktea, Miura Waffle & Milk Bar, Rosemary Rocksalt and Main Street Honey Shop. I've only been to one of those restaurants before - so this will be a good stretching experience!

Thursday: Crockpot Creamy Chicken Tacos
Thursday is sister night, and we have Tortilla shells in the fridge to use up - win win! Crockpot, tasty and easy! Reminder, this is the recipe that I use with plain cream cheese and taco seasoning. Works just as well - and I add corn every time. Mmmmmm. 

Friday: YOYO
Paul and I will be joining friends for dinner and games. It'll be the weekend, with people we love, I'm stoked.

In the day I'm seeing an old friend and hopefully grabbing a visit with Lindsay and Wyatt. Love.

Saturday: YOYO
Saturday we are headed out to Abbotsford to see our good Albertan friend Jodi who is competing in the Canadian National Rope Skipping Championships - we can't wait to see her and enter the Rope Skipping world for the first time. A world, until I met Jodi, I didn't know existed. 

We're heading back into Vancouver by 7 for a friends bowling birthday. Skip rope and bowling all in one day!

Sunday: YOYO
Sunday morning is for relaxing! Then it's on to church, and afterwards Transformations. After class we'll head off to Washington for a night away to celebrate our anniversary from May 1st. We're staying at the Semiahmoo Resort overnight and heading home late Monday. Monday is a holiday so we're going to be in love and on vacation for 24 glorious hours. 

Today I am wearing a new birthday dress. I'm going out on a date with my husband. I've had a productive day of work. I've received TONS of support after yesterdays post and I'm feeling good. So thanks world. You rock. 

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