Monday, May 26, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, May 26, 2014

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Upcoming week: 
Monday: Butter Chicken
Tonight is women at prayer - the ladies of our church gather to worship and pray - we'll do that at 7:30pm and before that, for dinner, my friend Arlene is joining us to talk about our upcoming camping trip!

Tuesday: Creamy Vodka Meatball Pasta
Tuesday is a home night and I've been meaning to try this recipe for months!

Wednesday: Tara Surprise
Wednesday's dinner will depend on what leftovers are in the fridge and need using up! Tara surprise indeed.

Thursday: Crockpot Creamy Chicken and Broccoli over Rice
Thursday is a night we'll eat together as a house and then I'll pack for camping and head out to Arlene's to do the food prep for the weekend. Then Friday morning I'll be going out with Arlene to our camping trip!

Friday, Saturday: YOYO
Camping!! Paul, myself and Duncan will be joining friends camping at Alouette Lake Friday to Sunday morning. Can't wait!!!! We went to Alouette Lake last summer and enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Sunday: Carbonara Bubble Up
We'll be back in the morning - Paul preaches in the afternoon. I'll head over to pick up my mom for church and then she'll join us for dinner afterwards - a comforting bubble up!

In Review:
Tuesday: Burgers, Hot Dogs and Salad
Lifegroup was excellent - not only did it feel like a party BUT on top of that we had a awesome lively discussion about citizenship - canadian and kingdom - and a great spirit filled discussion. 

Wednesday: YOYO
Wednesday night was music bingo - oh so much fun! Lots of laughs, lots of wings, lots of friends. Loved it. 

Thursday: Crockpot Chicken Chili
Thursday night for me was dinner with my island friends John and Crystal and then evening appies with a lovely group of friends that I know through Ana. I left a meal in the crockpot (which the house liked) and enjoyed a pesto Quesadilla at Cactus Club and a burrito dip at Boston Pizza with friends. 

Friday: Mexican Casserole Yoshida Porkloin with roasted Dill potatoes and roasted veg.
I spent the day doing flower trials with Mila - not only is Mila lovely, but flowers are my favorite. 

Then I picked up Paul at Oakridge and we got a hankering for a BBQ, so we scrapped the plans for a casserole and went out and found some pork steaks and marinated them and oh, we were pleased with that. Then we watched James Bond, Thunderball with Duncan - good night indeed.

Saturday: YOYO / Survivor Night
Saturday I did nothing. I caught on up on Grey's Anatomy, enjoyed other TV, rested, etc. It was lovely. Then I made Mac and Cheese (comfort food) for our survivor night and tidied the house. The house was clean and I rested for a bit and then the friends arrived - we finished survivor, we dolled out of prized and we ate a lot of food. Lovely.

Sunday: Transformations Dinner
Sunday was a great day - I'm partway through the first season of Veronica Mars so I watched that while working on food - I made a ham, rice, mac & cheese (made the day before), roasted vegetables, salad and garlic crisps - and some others brought pizza slices, spring rolls, veggie wraps and desserts! I had a great day prepping food and getting the house ready all while watching VM. It was lovely. Church was excellent, so was the final transformations class and then the party afterwards was so so so great. To have that many people come together, who don't know each other that well, and have that much fun...what a blessing. I loved it. Totally worth a day of food prep!!

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