Friday, March 18, 2011

Steeped Tea Friday

I feel that title is mis leading because Friday is not the only day I love to have a steeped tea from Timmies. Having steeped tea on a Friday does not make the tea better. It does make the Friday better. In fact it makes any day better. I had one yesterday and Wednesday and it improved both days. OH plus I had one Tuesday. Just saying, Steeped Tea is aweosme.

I was looking back at the old pictures from when we first moved in to our house. There were many things that I organized but now over the past months they have changed, gotten better, fuller, more efficient. Sometime soon I am excited to post pictures of these changes, before and after! Especially as, after posting pictures of pantry on FB, I received comments saying the organization would never last. I would like to happily point out that my pantry is still most definitely organized and now contains even more to organize!

Pantries are interesting thing. Same with Deep Freezers. Now that I have the space to stock up or buy in bulk I find I really want to. The problem is, do I really need that much stock? If the Zomb-pocalypse happened, sure I'd have tons of food to keep us going...but would we have power? Would my freezer stay cold? would I be able to cook the food I have? My can opener would still work, but would things be bad? Or will the power remain on and Paul will have to find a way to barricade the window that overlooks my pantry so people don't loot from us? These are some pretty deep things to think about, I know.

Mostly though I feel intense joy and satisfaction to know that I am prepared and organized.

Last night I rushed home from work and went to bootcamp with Jenna. Our Bootcamp is located in yaletown under the Cambie Street Bridge. Interestingly our parents house is on the other side of the water, just next to the Bridge. They have an awesome view of the water, and so do we when we excersize. It makes me like it so much more! Our bootcamp instructor thinks Jenna and I are funny. She's right. We make a funny pair, we feed off of each other. I wouldn't still be at bootcamp if I hadn't planned to go with Jenna. I'm very glad I made that happen. Bootcamp is hard, and tiring. It's hard to say it's worth it as I still look like I have a baby belly and I am not pregnant. BUT everyone says it's worth it, as this will help me not die early. So, I keep going.

After Bootcamp I got home and Candace & her Fiance were cooking dinner. It was tasty though spicy. The four of us ate together and laughed which was realy nice. It was an impromptu hangout and I loved it.

After dinner I helped Candace and Earl put together a few invites. I had a long warm shower. I drank some Sangria and watched TV with Paul and was tucked in to bed by 10:30, meaning I would get 8 1/2 hours of sleep! This is epicly wonderful.

Tonight Paul and I will be babysitting Connor so Jenna, Colin and Austin can go to the youth retreat. Jenna is so excited. She normally can't go due to all the babies and is super super happy. I am looking forward to spending some time with Connor and I know Paul is too. He will be spending the night at our house.  He will go to bed by 8 tonight, so while he is asleep I will be prepping food for my 2nd Big Casserole Bake on Saturday.

Tomorrow we will go for a walk with Connor. We also want to go swimming with him. At 3 we will bring him to the next babysitters house and I will embark on the actual putting together of the Casseroles for my Big Bake. Hopefully this should only take 4 hours, which will give me 9 casseroles for the month! Plus an 3 extra meals for the week from the bake leftovers! At 8 I am heading to Kari Siewert's house to hang out and watch girl movies. Her kids are away at a youth retreat, and her husband is away at work. My husband has homework to do. It's the best of both worlds. Kari is the wonderful woman who, along with her husband, did our premarital and I like her sooooo much.

Sunday I have a meeting with a friend, Lydia, to hear about her recent engagement, then will get my eyebrows threaded (eeep) and buy plates at the Dollar Giant. We will then be going with our dear friends Kathleen and Prakash to watch/help them with their engagement photo shoot. Afterwards there is church (where I am in charge of the coffee service) and a family dinner at 6....phew! Long weekend, but good.

And now for work I will make the Executive Travel Calender, do a lot of Data Entry and look forward to the end of the day.

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