Monday, March 14, 2011

Craft Cabinet

This weekend was very productive. Saturday my friend Laura came over to help me organize my craft area. First though Paul and I needed to clear out the back storage area (which was home to all my craft supplies and all the random junk we have). Before Laura got there Paul and I took everything out of the storage area and sorted it. We put all random things in to 3 piles (paperwork, stationary and belongs somewhere else in the house) to sort through later (in bags now in the storage area, clearly labeled and ready to be worked with). We went through 15 or so boxes and by the end we had narrowed all the stuff in to 5 rubbermaid bins of things we wanted to keep and everything else was going to the thrift store (6 garbage bags of random clothes, pillows, blankets, household items, etc). Our back storage area finally was clear of everything junk. We had things we want to keep put nicely away on the shelves (rice cookers that don’t fit in our kitchen, bread machines, Christmas decorations, etc) and the rest of the room was ready to become my craft area. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of before, because the transformation was miraculous.

This is what my empty craft room looked like before Laura and I started:

And this is what my craft supplies looked like before sorting and organizing.

We spent 5 hours working away at it and this is what it looks like now!

All that is left to do is take my GIANT stack of patterned and plain paper (which are all sorted by color) and put it in my new cabinet. I bought a cabin that I can do crafts at to either go next to the orange craft cabinet or in another room (Paul still has to put it together for me, I only bought it Sunday, and then we can decide if it can be in the living room or if it too should be in the back craft area). It’s so nice to have a home base though where all my crafts go!

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