Friday, June 4, 2010

Married, at home, job hunting...woo! The life of a unplanned stay at home wife.

Ugh..just wrote a post and it disappeared. Then tried again and it disappeared. Ugh Ugh Ugh. 

So I will try again.

Last time I wrote I was going to get married in 4 days. Now I have been married for a month and 3 days. This is awesome. I love being married. I specifically love being married to Paul. He is a pretty great husband. And a pretty great man. It was always so important to me that when I got married it would be to someone I could respect; and not fake respect, but actually really really really respect. It's great to have found a man like that. 

Enough of the gushy stuff. I promise I will post wedding pics and honeymoon pics and talk about both but am waiting for the pictures. 

For now I would like to talk about life. I finished my contract with EveryNation Campus Ministries at the end of April. I am currently job hunting. This means I have been unemployed the whole time we have been married. Weird. 

At this moment I have just found out that I did not get the job I interviewed for on Wednesday which is really unfortunate because it was a great job. I feel bummed. I had been so hopeful after a great interview. 

In other news...

I just finished putting my pantry together:
Isn't it beautiful? I love a well stocked pantry. 

This is where I am typing from now:

And this is my kitchen shelving which I love and will love even more once I find all my plates. Right now it has many random things in it:

And lastly my ever so helpful and organized tupperware stacked cupboard:

And now I will eat a mini pizza to console myself about not getting the job and then I will work my way through folding a giant, living room sized, mound of laundry. So awesome :$

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LeAnna (and David) said...

your house looks fun and grown-up! Yay! And super organised. which reminds me that I should finish my spring cleaning.


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