Tuesday, April 27, 2010

4 days left

It's 3am and I am rarely up at this house. However, this is not a  normal week. Paul and I are getting married on Saturday. In 4 days time. AND while I have most of the major prep done there are still many tiny details left to finish. Until the last couple weeks I had not felt stress, and normally when stress has appeared over the past few weeks I could shrug it off. Tonight it was much harder. Though now, 8 hours of wedding administration later I feel much less stressed. I have completed my seating charts; the arrangement, the individual table markers & seating board. I had already purchased all the cardstock to go with these documents so this week I can, at my leisure, put these pieces together. I feel much better.

Sarah and I went out for Japanese noodle. It was tasty and strange. It was also pouring out and we got very wet and 'Sweet Love' Morgan came to pick us up. I love him so much. He told me tonight he is amazed at how much work I have done for our wedding and that he has some big plans to show me how much he appreciates me....things like having my ring engraved (which he accidentally told me) and other things I do not know since they are a surprise. i feel very loved.

Paul's mom comes to town tomorrow. More family comes to town Thursday. All family will be in town Friday. Friday we will decorate the reception hall from 9am til 1pm. Then myself and my bridesmaids will make bouquets from 1 until 2:30. Then we will get mani/pedi's at 3. At 5:15 is the rehearsal. 7pm is the rehearsal dinner for our entire family; 60 people! I am pretty excited.

(Weird, as I type this I just had a major flashback to writing a blog entry when Jenna was getting married with a similar timeline)

Saturday Paul and I will sneak away early to have breakfast together before our big day, and after we part ways there I will not see him again until I begin to walk down the aisle. Oh!

I am so excited to marry Paul. He is amazing.

And now I should sleep as it is 3:15am....and I have a staff meeting at 10am....I will be waking up at 8am, spending time with God, going tanning, then bussing to get my car....THEN going to the staff meeting. Phew.


LeAnna (and David) said...

it sounds exciting! And you'll get everything finished and be relaxed. I think it's wonderful that you get to have breakfast with Paul the day of your wedding. I won't be able to see David until I walk down the aisle, and we'll be mostly apart for the three weeks before that (very strange after seeing each other every day).

Kathleen's Blog said...

oooo, I'm so excited!!


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