Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just write

I've got a list ten items long to blog about...and I want to do each topic justice...and so my blog reminds quiet. That bugs me. I love writing and documenting life and I hate how long it takes to do that justice! Especially if I want to edit the pictures to look attractive, which is half the fun of documenting life! So in an effort to get writing again I thought I would sit down and just write. 

First off, here's what's on my mind to write about:

  1. Crystal's Shower/Stagetter and her and John's epic wedding
  2. Steph's Wedding and my Portland Weekend
  3. Bedroom makeover
  4. Sewing Cabinet turned Bar Stand Makeover
  5. Victoria Girls weekend
  6. USA Shopping, a "How to"
  7. Christmas Decor thoughts
  8. Nancy's Visit
  9. Weddings 2013 by the numbers
  10. Faith and Tension in marriage. 
And those are just the topics that keep coming to mind! Let along the stuff that will now continue to be added to it. 

So rather than tackle any of those today I will talk. I've discovered a new website called Julie's Eats & Treats. If you haven't gone there for recipes you should probably change that. I haven't made one recipe from here that wasn't awesome. Especially her bubble up's. Oh the goodness. 

Man, has life been great lately. Hectic but great. It's been a steady stream of birthdays and gatherings and out of town visits and out of town visitors, church meetings and parties, crafts and room makeovers, food and exercise. It's been lovely. This week is filled with more birthday celebrations, time with favorite female friends, an overnight Black Friday Shopping trip with Ana and Ereka (what?!?!) and helping some great friends move, and Chapel and an 80's roller skating birthday party. Seriously, it could hardly get better. 

The following week is more of the same - out of town friends visiting, christmas decoration, dinner with my Nana, Paul's birthday (a date, a brunch, a family dinner) and church. 

On top of that I really like my job. it's not exactly stimulating in every moment (especially not these last two weeks - we've been working on a crazy tedious task) but I love the work environment, I love my boss, I like my coworkers a lot and I love the office. The work itself is still interesting. It's win win. And it pays me, so that's cool. The other day my coworker/friend Irene and I gave our boss some flowers and wine for being awesome....while she was out we put it on her desk. She came back from being out with a box of chocolate for both of us for being awesome. What sort of awesome is that?

Have you heard of Songza? If no, please go download the app on your phone right now. It's awesome. Great music, great! 

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the Christmas Season - for me it's what really starts it off - tomorrow is the Sutton Place's Gingerbread Luncheon. This is my third year going and I could hardly be more excited. Gingerbread making with other professional grown adults, while we drink christmassy drinks and then eat an amazing lunch. I could it not be awesome? 

And on that I'm going to head off - more tedious task to come. I think I will be dreaming about this task before long.

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