Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Volume 10)

--- 1 --- 
Favorite TV line this week:
"Respect my ability to access a bucket" - SNL

Top 2 favorite sketches: career week speaker and "what does my girl say". Oh it's good. 

--- 2 --- 
The other day I felt like maybe a bird pooped near me. I had lunch with a friend - I was walking back to work and something felt like it swished past me and might have splatted but I barely noticed. It missed me, so move on. 

It wasn't until I was pulling a blazer out of my closet to show my sister-in-law Katie how cute it was and she asked, "What is that white streak on your blazer?" Yikes, it was bird poop. On the side of the blazer I had worn for half a day after being pooped on and had hung up in my closet, no idea that it had poop on it. Awesome. It was obviously a top level moment for me.
--- 3 --- 
Tonight I made an amazing new recipe. My boss, Leigh, recommended it and as per usual Leigh is right. Being awesome and right is kind of her thing. 

She suggested I try making Balsamic Glazed Porkloin. The pork smelled AMAZING in the crockpot - the kitchen was a treat. Once I had cooked up the side dishes I made the Pork sauce - easy and fast - and then poured it on the pork and served the meal. Sweet and tangy and savory and Oh so good. This is a must make again for sure. Also we ate it so quickly that I didn't get a chance to take a photo, but mmmmgood. 

I served it with Maple Mustard Roasted Sweet Potatoes, roasted asparagus and Mini Pomme Anna's. For the Sweet Potatoes I used the precut crinkle cut ones from Costco - great choice. Nice and easy. I have made the Sweet Potatoes now twice and each time they have been met with wide happiness and approval. The mini pomme anne's I have only also made once before and also for the same crew I made it tonight and again it was well loved. I used garlic and seasoning salt, rather than just salt and pepper. 

All in all it was a big success and I was happy. 

--- 4 --- 
It's 11:51 Thursday night - I am halfway through 3 taped Grey's Anatomy and MAN - how nice to not work in the morning and get to just chill. Life is good. Busy life is good, but sometimes relaxing life is sooo awesome. Also I just ate like 20 raspberries and they were awesome.  

--- 5 --- 
Today I found a new outfit and I'm stoked about it - Black boots, heathered grey leggings, cute black dress/tunic, small black belt and gold chain necklace. I am so pleased. It's kind of boring just to tell you about it BUT I don't have a photo....sooo...yeah. Outfits. Take my word for it. 

--- 6 --- 
Costco is at once amazing and dangerous. I go there to purchase one bag of salad mix and one bag of crinkle cut sweet potatoes and somehow $90 dollars later I'm leaving with a full cart. The time before that was for toilet paper, asparagus and avocado's and $250 later I'm leaving with a cart full including a new dip and veg tray AND a new baking set. Happy happy happy...yet so damaging to the pocketbook. 

But in all honesty I LOVE Costco. A lot. Like a lot. Ask me about it sometime - I don't shut up about it in real life. 

 --- 7 --- 
Wednesday night I went to a Philipino Lifegroup birthday party. I was reminded of a few things.

1. It is awesome to go to a party that you didn't plan. What a treat.
2. Philipino's are awesome - they are some of my favorite people. 
3. Thai food, butter chicken, curry chicken wing, etc - I actually have grown to love asian good. Saturday night is Thai food with Paul's family and I'm stoked. 

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