Monday, August 12, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday with Laura at Org Junkie

Monday: Appie Night
We have a night at home and lots of specific foods to use up - so I'll be making Crab dip, BBQ'd chicken wings, Zucchini fries and other easy things like Boursin and Crackers. We might have some friends from Calgary home for dinner as well and therefore wanted something that can easily feed just or house or guests also if needed. 

Is lifegroup and I already made Zucchini Lasagna for lifegroup but had to freeze it when LG was cancelled, so this will come out of the freezer and be ready for us to eat. I'll make a ceasar salad to go with it, and throw some garlic bread in the oven as well. Not an overly summer meal, but the Zucchini helps lighten it up. 

Wednesday: Slow cooker Pork with Zucchini Pizza and Orzo
Wednesday Paul is needing to move some furniture so I'm making a good meal to help pay his helpers with. The pork will cook easily while I'm at work and the rest I can easily whip up at home. 

Paul has a camp dinner meeting and I have a wedding rehearsal and dinner to go to, so this meal can easily be put in the slow cooker in the morning and our students can dish up themselves. 

Friday we need to be packing for our week away, so we're having a meal that's easy. Also we wanted to make sure that it was a meal that everyone loved since they'll be on their own for a week!

Saturday, August 17th to Friday, August 23rd: YOYO (You're On Your Own) 
Paul and I are off to teen camp, Camp 8 at Anvil Island, for a week. We're so excited! Paul will be a cabin leader and I'll be on the program staff. It's a funny way to take our "vacation" but we know it's a place where God will use us!

Meals for while we are away:
Brazillian Rice and Beans by Ana
Hamburger Helper x2 (Rachel & Kayla)
Sloppy Joes (Duncan)

After a busy but amazing and relaxing weekend I'm back at the grind - more to come on my weekend tomorrow. What you can expect? Gorgeous views, lots of pics with friends and pictures of me doing decidedly un-Tara like things - fishing and playing with dogs? What??

Sneak Peak Photos from the Weekend:

Yup, pretty awesome indeed.

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