Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back at it!!

Well finally back to the real life. I finished up at Uranium One at the end of July. Boy did I enjoy finishing up - 300 boxes for shipping, 100 boxes for storage, 20 boxes for shredding and tons and tons of stuff for 1-800-Got-Junk. We had a successful closing and we left on a good note. My bosses were pleased with me - and I am proud of the job I did.
I finished at noon on a Friday and headed out for a celebratory lunch with Paul at Moxies. The plan was to stay around Vancouver for 3 weeks - with little trips on the weekends (like Seattle to visit friends [and watch a Mariners game with our friend Wally] and camping at Hicks Lake [near Agassiz]). We also had our Japanese homestay student Mayuka with us for 3 weeks. It was great - Mayuka was lovely and our little vacations were wonderful. 
For 3 weeks I got to relax around Vancouver and visit friends. I spent tons of time with my sister - and my wonderful nephews. Great excuse to go to the Queen E Fountain and sit in the water on hot days. 
We also hosted a BBQ for friends. It was great!

Then Paul and I took a hike in camping trip to Joffre Lake - it was a 3 hour hike, straight up. Tiring but beautiful. We were with our friend Bev and her son [Jared] and nephew [Marcus]. The spot was beautiful. I wish it wasn’t a glacier lake as I was so hot from the hike! Thankfully it cooled down - we set up our tent, made dinner and played cards. It was a great trip!

We got back Sunday afternoon and I spent the evening prepping and packing food for a week of camping with Paul, my sister and her boys. We went to the Island to visit Sproat Lake. We travelled there on Monday morning - it was Connor’s birthday. We got him a Thomas the Tank Engine balloon. We set up two tents and had lots of food - it was great. We laid in the lake, rested and played lots of cards. It was a great trip. 

We got back on Friday, our new homestay student arrived Friday night [Karen from China], we were at a Wedding all day Saturday and Connor’s birthday with the family at the beach Saturday night and then we left bright and early Sunday morning [5:45am] for Calgary. Jenna arrived later that day to stay with Karen while we were away. Thank God for sisters!

We were in Calgary for a week with a bunch of our church friends for Harvest Institute; a week of training and encouragement. We heard from some great pastors and got to know some really cool people from our sister churches in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. We had some really cool prophecy and amazing times of worship and friendship. LOVED, loved, loved it...aside from the super long drive there and back, which was better than expected, but still long. We stayed near Mount Royale University at our new friends Steve and Tash’s house. We travelled each day to the University of Calgary - we attended the conference in one of the classrooms. We had great sessions of learning. I also drank lots of steeped tea

We returned late Friday night. We got to sleep in Saturday. So glad. And then I bought a Macbook Pro! Wahoo! Sunday was sleeping in time also. Each night I got to join my family at the my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a bonfire outside and Smore’s [and all other manner of food to roast]. It was lovely. Paul was at a stag both nights. Monday we again rested and then joined Karen and her family for a traditional chinese dinner at her Aunt’s place in Burnaby. The food was great!

Today I started my new job after a month off. I hadn’t been excited to go back to work but now that I’m finished my first day I’m stoked for this new job. The company and office environment seem great! My new boss, Leigh, is great. It is quiet, in a very peaceful way. It’s slow, in a great way. I’m very happy - I think I’ll settle in nicely. 
I’m home now with Paul, typing away on my new laptop with Big Bang Theory playing in the background and a glass of Sangria in front of me. Happy!

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LeAnna et David said...

sounds happy, and soon one of your favorite cousins will be home for a visit :)

Glad the new job is going well!


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