Thursday, July 14, 2011

Decorations and Boxes

Last weekend we celebrated Kathleen’s Stagette and it was LOVELY. Not only did Kathleen feel loved, but people also had fun and everyone got along really well. On top of that I had a BLAST decorating and preparing for the party (as per usual). I made such cute decorations and then completely forgot to take any “before” pictures, and the after pictures won't load. So here is what I have, a picture collage of some of the decorations - so you can get an idea of theme.

Saturday Paul and I slept in until 10 and laid in bed (talking, laughing, etc) until 12. It was so nice to not rush out of bed, like every work day morning. Then I moved to the living room where I proceeded to read for 4 hours. So lovely. We snacked and ate and rested. It was a perfect day. Then we headed out to Langley to visit our friends Shannon and Josh for dinner and board games. We taught them Peurto Rico, it's a game we really like. Sunday I was up bright and eary to meet up with Amy and Brittany (friends from the Island) for breakfast, then I headed off to shopping at Metrotwon (overwhelming), ended up at church straight from the mall, and then to picnic at the park after church. Church was wonderful. It was a spirit filled time. I met a new girl and she came to the picnic with us. I really enjoyed chatting with her. After the picnic I went to "Horrible Bosses" with my friend Sarah and came home at the end of the night to sit on the couch with Paul and watch some PVR'd Jeopardy (exciting, I know).

This week at work I have been continuing to pack like a mad woman. I have packed SO MANY boxes. SO MANY. By the end of the week I'll ahve packed over 200 boxes in the last month. Geez! I'll also have gone through 15 rolls of tape. The office is slowly emptying and the boxes are slowly stacking up.

This weekend is my 10 year reunion on the Island and I am half excited and half nervous. We'll see how it goes! and our student from Japan comes next week to stay with ius for 3 weeks. I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

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Lance said...

Have fun at the reunion! I will have fun not being there!


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