Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall again

I am a strange sort of blogger; I rarely write (except in spurts) but I check every blog I follow every day. I only learned 9 months ago how to follow these and before would actually go through and click on every link to see if they had been updated. I love to read what my friends and acquaintances have to say and think about life. AND in THEORY I love to write. Something just makes it so hard though. My mind rejects the idea of writing being easy; despite the fact that it really is easy.

I am at work. I like my job. If I have to have a job and have to work somewhere; this is the place to be. People always ask me if I am happy here; and I am. They ask if I like my job; I do. They ask if it’s a dream job; and no, it’s not. A dream job for me would involve much higher pay, travel with Paul and full time availability to rest and build in to people. This dream job does not exist. That’s why it’s a “dream”. However, this job is definitely a gift from God – I love the hours, I love the pay, I find enjoyment in my work here and my co workers are nice. God has provided yet again.

I just looked back and realized that I never posted about my job. I got a job as a receptionist at a Uranium mining company. U1. It’s very exciting. I do administration and answer phones. I like the work. It’s right downtown overlooking Stanley Park. It pays what I needed it to pay and I get to dress up for work every day.

Biggest surprise in marriage? How awesome it is. I thought being married to the man I love and enjoy (Paul) would be really really great. It’s even better. Now I know it’s only been 5 months but whatever. I love my husband.

Speaking of Paul; my husband talks and reacts in his sleep. So for example one day he thought I was me about to turn in to an alien so he tried to get me to stop by pushing me off the bed and shouting at me not to do it. Thankfully I realized what was happening and managed to hop off the bed just before I was pushed off. This past weekend was my favorite though; I was awoken in the middle of the night to Paul doing pushups in bed in his sleep. He was giving it hardcore. It was hilarious to watch. Later he tried to save me from being sucked in to a vortex by pulling me across the bed. It is certainly adventurous to sleep in the same bed as Paul!

I love our home. We are 90% unpacked and settled. I still have some final things to go through but OH it feels like home. Our pantry is stocked to brimming. Our freezer has everything I need to cook the things I love to make.

I love our wedding pictures

Also I love my new family:

Life is pretty awesome
Now if only the courier I am waiting for would come I would be very happy. I need to send something to England in half an hour and I haven't yet received it!


Kathleen's Blog said...

Paul is so hilarious!! I'm glad that you aren't annoyed with it :) That's awesome!!

LeAnna (and David) said...

yay England! lol.

I also find marriage much lovelier than expected. And your Paul night stories = hilarious!


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