Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Colton & Charlotte’s Newborn Photoshoot

One of the most exciting and fun things about having twins is the opportunity for adorable photos. These two little buddies make my heart smile so often with their adorable poses and sweet sweet baby cuddles. One of my first thoughts when I found out it was twins was, wahoo cute newborn photos! As always, we used my dear friend Laura of Paraphrase Productions and as always are very happy with the results. She did Avelynn’s photo shoot and Bailey’s. I was so excited to mirror both of their shoots with this final one. Laura did an awesome job, as per always. 

The whole fam-jam; how are we a family of 6?!?

Kisses from Bailey

Avie & Charlotte

Bailey smiles with her entire face and I love it.

The joy on Avies face is amazing

The twins and mom

Over Dad's shoulder - love Colt's face here

We have pics of Colty and his two older sisters this way - they look the most alike here.

Avelynn, Bailey & Colt

Dad and his daughters

Paul and all 4 kids

Sweet Char

The pair of them


Colton - our boy!

In their bed

And there we have it - our last newborn photo shoot. Thanks again, Laura!
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