Friday, April 27, 2018

Master Bedroom - Newborn Days

This is our third preparing for new babies. We obviously get the nursery ready, but usually, a super important part is also preparing our master bedroom! I thought I'd take a moment to share some of the things we make sure we have prepared in our room for newborns.

First up - our bed. When things in my life are especially hectic, it helps me to have tidy spaces. In the newborn time I find there is a chunk of time that I am in my bedroom and if it's out of order, I find it hard to feel calm. I try to put my clothes away each day, and I like making the bed so that the room feels pulled together. The problem with the bedmaking is that to make our bed "properly" there are throws and pillows involved - by the time it's made it's pretty but you definitely don't want to mess it up until bedtime. The other truth about the newborn time is to try to get as much sleep as you can - napping, as they say, "when the baby naps". If my bed is made up fully I don't want to mess it up by napping. So during the final months of pregnancy (when I also need to nap a lot) and the first months of newborn life, I implement a half made bed plan. It keeps the room looking and feeling tidy, but is basically no effort to take apart for a nap.

You can see our monitor on the nightstand - linked up to all four! cameras.

Second up - baby/babies bassinet. We start for the first 1-2 months with the baby in our room in a bassinet. Since we have middle of the night feedings to contend with we like having them nice and close. We were given this bassinet and I upgraded it a bit to help it match our room. We like to leave it at the foot of our bed so it's somewhat equally between us :) Paul mostly gets up in the night to grab babies and bring them to me in bed - though who knows what it will be like with twins!

We also keep stuff under the bassinet - pump stuff on the right in the black bag. On the right, we have extra burp clothes, muslin blankets and woombies (great little sleep sacks). I'll add sleepers for the babies once we know their sizes.

As babies grow (and sleep longer and are more aware of what's around them) we move them to a pack n play in our closet. Right now Bailey naps in here since it's dark, and with the sound machine, it's a perfect nap place. Also, hey there baby belly in the mirror. 

I also like having chairs in the room - either to breastfeed in or just to have a place to sit and chat with Paul away from the rest of the house. It's also where I pump - private and comfortable. 

And lastly, probably one of the most used spots is our change station. We use the same change pad and change cover we have in both kids rooms (that way they are all interchangeable). We also lay a waterproof pad over top so that we get to change it less often in case of accidents. In our room, we use an Ikea Kallax System with inserts from Target. In the top left, we have diapers (newborn size, Bailey Size & nighttime for Avie & B), bum cream and wipes. Top right is random baby stuff for newborns. The two bottom inserts are both books and toys for the older girls. We also have a playmat for babies under the bed as they get older. 

And with that, I think we are 100% complete all baby prep! These were the types of things we could put off but all this baby waiting means we can get it done. Thankful for the extra time. 
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