Friday, December 29, 2017

Twin Preggo Life

As Christmas Eve I was 20 weeks pregnant with these two little babies. This twins pregnancy is everything like I expected (all the bagels, constant need to pee, maternity clothes, restless legs and pregnancy insomnia from the others) and nothing like I expected (nausea, and double all the symptoms I usually get). I've heard that twins pregnancies aren't two for the price of one, but rather two at once, and I can see why people say that. Thankfully I've had it pretty easy - tired and sore, but still very able to function. Of course, sometimes I need a nap to function, but that is pretty normal, pregnancy aside. I still love being pregnant - but man, it's work!

Both kids arms resting on the baby belly

Starting about two weeks ago I began to feel the babies - at first, it felt like it was just one baby, but this past week it's started to feel like two babies worth of movement. Still only felt on the inside but starting to feel mild tremors from the outside. This is always one of my favorite times - the movement feels like a little secret friendship between me and the babies. Weird to think it's with two though!

This, except double the babies.

So anyway, we haven't been sure on what sex the babies will be. At my first obstetricians apt we looked at the babies and one was shy but she could see that there was probably for sure a girl (and maybe a boy). At my next obstetricians apt last week she was pretty sure she was seeing a boy (and wasn't sure on the other). This helped me have time to adjust to this new possible reality. I'm used to girls. I have two. I watch my friends and sister parent boys and it always intimidated me. I have the clothes, I have the diaper cleaning down, I am used to it. More than that I grew up with only a sister. I don't really have experience of what it's like growing up with a brother. I love having a sister-best-friend and it was tripping me up that maybe the twins wouldn't have that. Anyways, silly fears but there they were.

In the past couple weeks people have been so encouraging about boy/girl twins - even ones that didn't know I was thinking about that. Most of the people I know though, with boy/girl twins, are still in the under 5 stage. I haven't heard about what it's like once they aren't babies anymore. On my weekly visit at my Mom's care home, one of the executives came up to me. She told me that she has 15 year old boy/girl twins and that it is the best. She said that it was such a gift because they always have similar interests and developmental stations, but also have diversity in their interests. They are able to be in the same classes, since there isn't a worry about them needing to have individual friends. They are both really good at relating to the opposite sex because of their twin relationship. She talked for almost 15 minutes telling me how awesome it is. The conversation felt like such a gift from God at just the right time.

We still didn't know for sure though. But now I can confirm, as of this past Friday, the 22nd, the ultrasound confirmed that I am carrying a girl and a boy! My sister and I arrived at 1:30 and didn't leave until 4:30. 2 and a half hours of that was straight ultrasound - lots to cover in a detailed ultrasound with twins! This will be the base marker going forward - every month we will have an ultrasound to see how they are growing and it will be measured from these scans.  The babies were very cooperative though and showed all their vitals - they are doing great. Thank goodness.

I didn't expect this anxiety. I didn't have it with the other two pregnancies. But knowing this is a higher risk pregnancy (just because it's twins) definitely is on my mind more than I expected. I am not overly scared on a daily basis, but it's always so so very reassuring when I get to see the babies in an ultrasound. I'm thankful that with twins pregnancies you get monthly ultrasounds (plus when I see my obstetrician she does a mini ultrasound each time - currently those are monthly also, but later will be more). It's so helpful for my heart.

Right now I'm 20 weeks but measuring at 28 weeks - I am so curious how this belly will grow! How big will I be? How big will the babies be? When will they come? They say most twins come between 34 weeks and 37 weeks - they could obviously come earlier but most likely in that window. So most likely sometime in April. I'm 5 weeks from viability, but I'm just praying we make it to 34 weeks (which would be exactly April Fools Day). Basically, there are some certainties (my doctor says they don't like to let twins go past 37 weeks, so we know they'll come by the end of April. Other than that there isn't much that I feel like I know - will I be able to deliver them naturally or will I need a C Section? Will they be premie or full term? Will I be on bed rest at all near the end? Will 4 kids, 3 and under, be as crazy as I imagine or crazier? Either way - I know we're supported and loved and so excited to meet these little babies.
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Devon Nelson said...

What wonderful news, a girl and a boy! My little boy is such a gentle soul, it's hard to imagine someone sweeter. You never know what they'll be like but you can feel confident that you'll love them no matter what:)

LeAnna said...

I obviously can't speak about real twins but I love having a girl & boy so close in age. They compliment each other's strengths & weaknesses. Just look at my mum & your dad to see how it works out!


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