Friday, June 30, 2017

DIY Closet Bed

The world of blogging is full picture perfect DIY's and best laid plans. I had this dream of a closet bed for Avie - I even blogged about it. Then I did it and it exceeded my expectations. I picked fabrics and made pillows. I was so proud - sewing them at 9 months (and 3 days) pregnant. I loved them. I loved it. LOVED IT. Look, it's so pretty! And picture worthy. 

Pigtails and face pillows

Turns out Avie liked it too - so much that she pulled the faces off of both the pillows. Now it's a creepy white circle and a strange gray swirly pillow with lips. Plus she wouldn't sleep in it. It was too short. She's tall like Paul. So basically, the toddler ripped the faces off the cute pillows and wouldn't sleep in it. So yeah #pinterestfail. BUT the bed itself is great, and we added a safety gate to the front so it's a nice small crib with a sweet netting and garland on top.

Then the more we were thinking about it we realized that Avie is already sleeping funny and it didn't make sense to transition her from her crib bed  - she's not escaping from it and it's good to have her contained. Bailey needed to move into Avie's room, so we decided to move Bailey into the closet bed. It's been amazing. They are in the same room (and NO ONE BUT US IS IN OUR ROOM) and it's going well - they are in the same room but not on top of each other. It's slightly darker for B and Avie, the picky sleeper, gets to keep her regular bed. It was a stroke of genius. So so happy. 

Also they've been sharing a room now for 5 nights. It's been touch and go at times but mostly they've slept through the night #praisethelord. The only night they didn't was the night it was 31 degrees, the electricity turned off so the fans didn't work, and then the electricity turned back on and scared the girls. Rough night. We're good now though. Plus it's less hot. So that helps. 

And...on the plus side of all of this. I used the many many pillows that I'd made for the bed (and obviously weren't safe for a baby bed) and created a cozy sitting space in the bedroom for reading stories with Avie. 
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