Saturday, October 3, 2015

Baby blogging

Seriously. How do mommy bloggers with babies do it? I want to blog and yet. Tired. Baby. Night. Day. Baby. Seriously. Right now I'm up while Paul and baby sleep. Sneaking time for blogging away from baby. And now it's a week after I wrote those first sentences and I'm sneaking in another thought or two while baby naps. And fast forward 15 is awake but she is snuggled up next to me while I keep typing. And then she just pooped...and it was everywhere. So then I went to change her and now I'm back at the computer. And here we are - not even a paragraph in!

Now that we’ve moved the bassinette out of our room we’ve moved the armchair back in – we’ve moved the Ikea Raskog Kart in next to it, which I am loving. When I bought it for the nursery Paul said it was most likely just an excuse for me to own it and given the fact that it’s found my way into our room, I can’t quite argue.

So those first two paragraphs were written two weeks ago. Oh Avie. You know, I miss blogging. I miss crafting. I miss DIY. And yet. Baby, you are totally worth it. I find my days are busy and cuddly and sweet and slighty sticky and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Today Avie and I sat at a Starbucks in Coquitlam waiting to run an errand and while I drank...wait, lets get back to that. We sat there and she cuddled on my lap and I'm so thankful. It took time to make her, it took time to get her out, but she is here and oh am I thankful. 

So back to the drink, that's obviously why I'm blogging. That's obviously why you're here. You're wondering, what's Tara drinking at Starbucks? Let me satisfy your curiosity. They say it killed the cat. Curiosity, that is. Not my starbucks drink. So a couple years ago I wrote a post about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and my confusion with the nickname and my subsequent disappointment with the drink. BUT this year, I discovered that I do like the new PSL, with it's new and improved ingredients. Quite enjoyed. I was even about to order another one! Today I went to Starbucks with Avie, planning to repeat the experiment, and then I saw a sign for the new Toasted Graham Latte. The graphics won me over, I was nervous, but I tried it. I pushed through. Can I tell you? I loved it. Honestly. I had two of them today. One this morning, one later today. Avie kept grabbing at it...but that's because she always tries to grab my things. Baby wants whats her moms :) 

This blog post might have taken almost three weeks to write but boy does it feel good to write a bit and post a bit. I sure do love this platform!
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