Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dating for the Olympics

So over the past few years I have found it hard to blog with any regularity. There was a time in life that I wrote every day or at least 5 out of 7 days. In the past years it was sporadic, monthly at best. When I started this blogger account I hoped to at least double that. I seem to have succeeded. I am often inspired to write by my friend Kim who writes daily, I very much appreciate her daily updates. I often end up bored and to know I can pull out my phone and click on the updated blogs app and there will usually be something new to read; mostly thanks to Kim, but also my other lovely blog friends, is wonderful. Boredom you shall not win!

It is Sunday; halfway through the Olympics. I have worked every day since the Wednesday before the Olympics. I have worked 11 straight days; one day even working 2 shifts! I am working in the days at Fuse (a little Pan Asian restaurant in Yaletown) and in the evenings I am working with Paul at the Hamilton Street Grill's beer & burger tent (also in Yaletown).

Both jobs have perks; at the tent I make more, it's simple work (pulling pints, yelling at Paul to get more burgers, chatting with customers), and I work with Paul, Prakash  & Kathleen. At Fuse I get to sit or stand for part of my shift in the heart of yaletown and watch all the entertainers and tourists, I learn to make all the cool pan asian recipes they have, and meet new friends.

They both have cons. At the tent I work with one lady and one man who are not very hard working, which I can get over as Kathleen & I are capable of powering through even though they seem to be MIA most of the time; it's sharing tip pool with them at the end of the night that is frustrating. Also since things could get stolen we have to take apart the entire contents of the tent each night. This lasts about an hour; by this point my feet hurt. Even at the best of times I am not that great when it comes to having to lift & carry kegs and tables, so this is a bad time of the night for me. At Fuse there is one boss who is kind of scary and expects constant hard work (which I would be fine with; except if i had been told what the job actually entailed (dish washing for hours at a time, cooking on line and barely any serving - I would have not taken the job. Plus she pays 8 an hour but expects you to work as if it's 15 an hour, if that makes any sense).

Paul & I have been tossing around ideas of where we will spend the first night of our honeymoon. We have talked about both a B&B and a hotel. We have a list of pro's and con's. What are your thoughts?

Today is my first day off. Paul is not working either (it was his stag last night). We have a date. We will be going down to robson square and joining in the olympic fun. We have only experienced it thus far through working. We received an early wedding gift of tickets to women's curling tonight so we are headed over to watch an Olympic game! So fun!

Alright, I am off to have a wedding hair trial (woot woot), possibly buy an Olympic sweater and get ready to meet Paul.


Esther said...

-I've had way too many bosses like that!
-Personally I would go with the hotel. A lot of hotels leave champagne and chocolate covered strawberries for you if they know it's your wedding night.
-Sounds like you have a fun day ahead of you Tara! Have fun!

Kimberellie said...

So exciting Olympic fun!!! And yes, you SHOULD get a sweater (and then post a pic of yourself in it).

I say: b&b. I've always wanted to stay at one. Seems so romantic (never done it though, so you will have to say how it goes).

Oh, and I am so uber pleased that I inspire you! Yes, you keep writing! I like to read your stuff!!!


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