Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What to pack in your Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag. So Exciting. Just when you thought Mom blogging couldn't get any more awesome, here we go and explore the Diaper Bag. What to pack. What bag to use. Ages? Snacks? etc. Get ready for it. Hard hitting stuff over here.

Baby Diaper Bag
Twin Specific - figure out how many diapers and onesies you need and double it! For babies I keep baby Tylenol and Oval. The Oval I use at an earlier stage - its like gripe water but thicker so my babies don't choke on it. Some people say it's a placebo but if it is, it's a placebo that works so I hardly care. I keep tylenol on hand for once they start teething or for it they hurt themselves. Like today, Charlotte scratched up her face and had blood all over - it was soooo sad. She settled well but if she hadn't, Tylenol might have been helpful.

I keep a diaper change pad stocked with 4 diapers and wipes. I keep extra diapers in the bag as well. I also keep a compartment or bag of some form with extra clothes - for the boy/girl twins I keep neutral clothes there, white onesies, grey bottoms. I like that either could wear it. Somehow the twins have had less blow outs than the girls so it hasn't been as necessary but I don't think that's a twin thing just a Colt & Char thing.

Toddler Diaper Bag
So lots of my friends don't take diaper bags for their toddlers and for that I salute them. For me? My kids eat. ALL. THE. TIME. Avie pronounces Bailey as Belly and it's extra appropriate since all Belly ever does is eat. Also they get SO MESSY and need a change of clothes. ALSO? always have swimwear. I keep a rashguard and ball cap each so that they are covered from the sun and ready for water. Also I keep at least one Contigo Kids water bottle, if not two. The kids are great at drinking water from these and drink they do. I keep diapers (for Bailey) and wipes for all of us.

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