Monday, September 3, 2012

Edited to Add

Well hello there.'s Monday night of the labour day and we're back in Vancouver. I have 10 more days of our trip to blog but am finding it hard to make the time since we've been in a whirlwind time period and I don't know when the craziness will die down. 

We were at Harvest Institute in Calgary all week - Harvest is a training time for students - it is a time to get excited about our faith, be empowered and equipped to share what we believe and to be encouraged and build community amongst EN students in Canada. It was awesome. Coach John Rohrer, Steve Hollander, Dr. Brian Miller amongst many others, including Greg Mitchell and Steve Murrell. It was epic awesome...more to come on this!

Then it was the EN Canadian Leadership Conference - so many people from all was great. We heard from Steve Murrell and Ceasar Kalinowski and of course the EN Pastors Brant Reding, Greg Mitchell and Micheal Jones. Also we heard from Coach, Steve and Brian from Harvest...also more to come on this.

Not only did we get to hear from some amazing speakers, but we also got to see many friends and family and got to help get food ready for all the hungry conference attenders. 

Then Sunday morning we got to attend UChurch in Calgary and it was great - worship, people, message....all amazing. We went out to lunch at Saigon Y2K with some peeps for Vietnamese and then headed home - we left Calgary at 2:30pm pacific time and arrived in Vancouver at 2:30am Pacific Time - we stopped in Salmon Arm for an hour to see Laura and Nick who were visiting Laura's parents and we stopped in Revelstoke for dinner. 

We got home, surveyed the house to see how it was - it was clean but disorganized...and we had a lot of stuff to unpack. Yikes. Here are the before pictures...

We "slept in" until 8:30am and then got up and began to put our house back together - we are much further along but I won't show you the pictures until they're all back together. 

I will say, though, that we had lunch with the Maxwell's and oh man was I glad to see my sister and her family - oh I love those nephews of mine!

Connor wanted to be right next to me the entire time. It was AWESOME.
I was one happy aunt.

And now, after a day of working around the house - cleaning and upacking, grocery shopping and doing food prep, I'm ready for an early night in anticipation of my 6am wake up and bike ride in to work. 

Ooops, it's 10pm and I haven't hit the hay yet, yikes. 
But I made unstuffed shells (seen below) and met our new upstairs neighbours from Utrecht, Holland so that's a win right?

Am I really back at it?

Oh is our final view of the odometer:

We started at 145,166km on June 1st and now we're at 166,183km on Sept 3rd. 

21,017km driven in just over three months. 
Yikes, that's intense.

And now to bed for 8 glorious hours and then the 6am wake up and 7am bike ride.

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LeAnna et David said...

Welcome home!

Your kitchen pictures made me want to cry. I don't know why people find it so difficult to be logical in stacking things in the kitchen. WHY!!!!

Have fun putting everything back together :)


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